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Sanctified And Consecrated For Spiritual Ministry

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As for consecration, each believer has the responsibility to consecrate himself to the Lord.
There are things that God must do, and man must not attempt to do them. There are other things that He has decided in His sovereignty to let man do. He will not do them for man. If man decides not to do them, they will remain undone. We present in these messages the responsibility of the believer to do that which he must do. We are fully persuaded that in the light of the cross, the resurrection and the out-poured Holy Spirit, the willing believer can live a sin-free life, be wholly consecrated to the Lord, and serve the Lord to the satisfaction of the Father.
Because the messages were copied out from tapes with very little modification, they maintain the preaching tone and characteristics.
We send this book out with the prayer that the Lord of the harvest should use it to produce people who are sanctified and consecrated for spiritual ministry.

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