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The Way Of Spiritual Encouragement

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These messages that constitute the book, “The Way of Spiritual Encouragement,” were written while l was away from Cameroon to seek God’s face and sort out many things with Him. They have been a great blessing to me. l was shocked by what the Lord was saying to me and, by His grace, will say to those He will allow to read these messages. My own faith in Him grew as l wrote them. l have been deeply comforted to know that God is so good, so loving and so gracious. My desire is to love Him more and more.

l have received answers to many of my questions, and my problems have found solutions in Him. Somehow, in a way l cannot explain, love has welled up in my heart for all His children - my beloved brothers and sisters in Him - irrespective of whatever differences we have had. He has been good to me.

Because these messages were written over a period of ten days, l have not done very much thinking about them. l have just allowed what God has put on my heart to flow out, and sometimes He has been gracious to allow things to flow out which l had never seen.

If you approach them as the sharing of something from my heart to yours, you will, by God’s grace, be blessed. If you approach them as talks on doctrine, you may have problems. l suggest that you just open your heart to God and receive what He has for you.

l pray that you should read all the messages, for it may be that what God has for your need may not be in the first message nor in the second, but somewhere else.

If you receive a little encouragement and assurance in the Lord as you read this book, l will consider that as a bonus. The blessing to my own spiritual life, received as l wrote, more than compensates me.

May the Lord God, the Author and Finisher of our faith, be magnified for all the grace that He has shown to me, who am but one of His most undeserving servants.

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