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The Ministry of Fasting

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Dr. Fomum has written many books to date. From his personal journey with the Lord, he speaks as one who daily experiences what he writes.
Concerning fasting, he says: “At the height of a long fast ... between the twenty-fifth and the fortieth day, the things of this world become absolutely meaningless ... my looks, qualifications, job, money, clothes, property, the presence of human beings ... accomplishments ... On the other hand, God was near and thoughts of heaven possessed me. I was anxious to walk in perfect holiness.”
Many have written concerning fasting. Few have experi­enced extended fasts several times per year of from forty-eight hours per week and from twenty-one to forty days’ duration with such results as Dr. Fomum and believers in some of the Churches in Cameroon. “Each fasts according to his strength,” each fasts drinking water only.
The reader of The Ministry of Fasting is caught up in the reality of fasting unto the Lord on behalf of men leading tragic lives and nations facing tragic consequences of their sins or against the forces of evil in the world. As light is shed on the biblical teachings of The Ministry of Fasting, one is challenged with the evidence of the need to make an acceptable fast unto the Lord.
Along with Bible characters, the Church fathers from Savanarola, Martin Luther, Knox, Wesley, Jonathan Edwards, and mod­ern Church leaders, both living and dead, are cited as exemplary among those who valued fasting unto victory in Christ.
Dr. Fomum explores the aspects of fasting, interference of spirits, and the different reasons to fast: for deliverance, ministering unto the Lord, and mourning... He helps one with preparations for fasting, how to intercede while fasting, how to break a fast, what to do after a fast, and how to maintain the results of a fast.
The book is written, as the others of his books, in a teachable, expanded outline format. The earnest intercessor and serious spiritual warrior will want to read this book.

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