In the early Church, only disciples were known. Those who belonged to the Lord Jesus were called “Disciples”. 

The Making of Disciples is an attempt to respond to the call of the Lord in Mat 28: 19-20 to make disciples who will in turn make disciples, who will make disciples, etc.


The Lord Jesus intended that everyone who is led to Him, and who therefore knows Him personally and is dynamically related to Him, should enroll in the school of a Disciple Maker who will make him into a Disciple, which means somebody committed not only to be like Christ, but also to bring others to be like Christ.

This call of the Lord Jesus has not been taken seriously by the Church, and what is practiced today is a counterfeit of what the Lord intended. It is obvious that the evangelisation of the world, and the condition of each believer would have been totally different if disciples were made, and if the process had continued.

This book is then the fruit of a burden. It is born out of the desire to see the Church of the Lord return to the task of making disciples who will in turn make disciples.

In this profound manual, Professor Fomum addresses topics like:

  • The conditions to become and remain a disciple
  • Transforming a young convert into a mature disciple
  • Transforming a mature disciple into a disciple maker
  • Etc.

The Lord Jesus made disciples. He has commanded to go and make disciples who will in turn make disciples.

This book will help you to obey this command.