The Lord does not allow those who give their all to Him to suffer want. He generously provides all that they need. He is the God of limitless abundance.

No one who gives Him his all will ever starve or go naked. He has promised to supply every need of those giving Him their all. In that way, they shift the responsibility for supplying their needs from themselves to Him and thus cease worrying. He “worries” for them. How wonderful this is!
When God takes over the responsibility of supplying a man’s needs, that person has entered into true wealth. For such a one, whether there is inflation or no inflation, famine or no famine, whether there is bankruptcy or no bankruptcy the person has guaranteed the supply of his needs. The apostle Paul said,
“And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus” (Philippians 4:19).
Yes, he will supply every need and He does supply every need. He is the God of abundance. He is the Father of love. He cares.
What did the lad do with the twelve baskets full? What would you do with that which the Lord gives you for your own use? What will you so with the twelve baskets full that are left over after you have surrendered your all to the Lord, and He has blessed what you gave Him and used it for ministry to multitudes? Will you hoard it and live in luxury because God has blessed your sacrifice? I do not think so. The one who has given away all must continue to give all if he is to continue to be blessed. Those who have caught the vision of a world in need will never keep that which they can give away for the gospel. They continue to invest all that they receive into the gospel enterprise. That is the true manifestation of compassion. That compassion was always demonstrated by the Lord Jesus. When he was tired, weary and hungry, he saw the desperate need of the Samaritan woman and, immediately, His hunger, tiredness and weariness took a secondary place while the desire to reach out to her became primary. He gave Himself away to meet her need.
When your eyes have been opened and your heart is aflame with compassion, you will take five loaves and two fishes out of the twelve baskets full, for your own need. You will then give the nearly full twelve baskets full to the Lord so that He may multiply them and meet the needs of an even larger audience. In this way, you will continue to be abundantly fruitful. I was once told the story of a man who gave 10% of his income to the Lord. The Lord blessed him so much so that he was able to give 20% to Him. Then the Lord blessed him even more abundantly so that he gave 30% to the Lord. It went on and on until he was able to give 90% of His total income to the Lord and live on the 10%.
He had seen the needs of the world!
He was committed to world conquest!!