A Successful Marriage: The Wife’s Making

A Successful Marriage: The Wife’s Making


What is a successful marriage? 

How do you get to a successful marriage?

What's the role of the wife in ensuring a successful marriage?

These questions are, among others, current and recurring questions to which Z.T. Fomum provides answers, based on the Word of God and on his long experience in marriage.

Since it was sin that disturbed the first union between Adam and Eve, you should know that the health of a marriage depends on the place that God occupies in that marriage, from the very beginning.

It also depends on the wife’s ability to take on the character of Christ, so as to restore the sovereignty of God in the union where man is honoured as the earthly husband.

The wife can therefore orchestrate a happy marriage, provided that her heart is free from all forms of idols. Filled with the Holy Spirit, the woman subject to God will be the anchor of a successful marriage on earth.

Women are not asked to submit because they are secondary beings. No! They submit because that's their responsibility, and God says so. That's what stabilises the marriage and propels it to success.

This book is simply good and true. It is recommended to everyone before and after the marriage celebration.

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