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Deliverance From The Sin of Gluttony

Deliverance From The Sin of Gluttony


In life most people understand what sin is and the fact that they should not commit it at least in the context of their society. Unfortunately, gluttony which is uncontrolled indulgence with food is rarely discussed.

  • What really is gluttony?
  • What are its manifestations?
  • Are all overweight people gluttons and are all underweight people free from gluttony?
  • What does the Bible say about this very sensitive topic that pierces through all races, cultures, and genders?

This book, Deliverance from the sin of gluttony by Professor Z.T. Fomum gives us a biblical perspective of gluttony - its definition, possible causes, and the roadmap to enable us to recognise, repent of, hate the sin of gluttony, and also cooperate with the Holy Spirit for complete deliverance from this gangrene of a sin and establish a healthy relationship with God and His gracious gift of food.

It is a must-read for all - parents, pastors, youth leaders, counselors, etc., including those who feel that they do not have issues with their eating habits. You will find many answers to your questions from the biblical examples cited in the book.

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