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Jesus Saves And Heals Today

Jesus Saves And Heals Today


God created man in His image and likeness but when man sinned, he became susceptible to diseases and infirmities some of which medical science has failed to treat. Worse still, sin will take the sinner to hell unless he repents radically.

The son of man, the Lord Jesus came to seek and to save what was lost.

In this action-packed book, Professor Fomum shares some of the lessons the Lord is teaching him. The fact that God ordained

  • salvation from sin,
  • healing of all sickness,
  • freedom from curses and demons, and
  • a life of blessings

as one complete package paid for by the Lord Jesus.

Using examples from the old and New Testament and also the fruit of his ministry, this book is a powerful witness to the living, healing, and abiding grace of God in the lives of His people.

A division of the Book Ministry of Christian Missionary Fellowship International.

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