Life-Changing Thoughts on Spiritual Leadership

Life-Changing Thoughts on Spiritual Leadership


In this life-changing book, Professor Fomum enumerates some pivotal vectors that transform leadership into a revolution.

The author succinctly brings out

  • the differences between spiritual and secular leadership,
  • the distinguishing characteristics of spiritual leadership,
  • the mandatory perspectives for an impact-making spiritual leader,
  • the steps on how to pass from an ordinary unto a revolutionary spiritual leader.

The author paints the leader as a model in everything. He is the one who sees what God has in mind and takes the people of God in that direction. Such a leader’s heart is welded to each sheep. A successful spiritual leadership cannot be separated from the production of other leaders. Leadership is the overflow of a person’s devotion to God.

The author also portrays revolutionary leadership as that leadership whose glory is in its identification with the glorified Christ in His suffering and humiliation, thereby distinguishing it from ordinary leadership.

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