Moving on With The Lord Jesus Christ

Moving on With The Lord Jesus Christ


The messages in this book: Moving on With the Lord Jesus Christ! were taught in Cotonou, Benin, by Prof. Fomum to over 5000 brethren coming from Benin and leaders of some neighbouring missionary nations to Benin.

Due to the remarkable growth in the number of believers in the work in Benin, there was a need not only to establish the young converts in the assurance of their salvation but also to mobilize them towards a rapid expansion of the work in Cotonou and Benin.

This book is largely on the assurance of salvation. The true and sure foundation which is nothing else but the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. He is the author and finisher of our faith; it is therefore authentic. Moreover, He is the one who leads us to perfection, being our perfection.

To this effect, there is the need to fix one’s eyes on Jesus, on the testimony He bears of us in His Word, and not on our personal testimony. We have to believe, confess, accept and live out God’s verdict concerning us: “I am His beloved, I am His perfection”, for He sees us through the complete work of Jesus Christ.

This assurance of God’s conquering love towards us is what gives us the assurance to rise to God’s heights; to move on with Jesus.

Therefore the believer is to take off in the Christian life by investing his all without any reservation to love and to fully serve God in return. It is on these grounds that all investments to win large numbers for Christ is possible.

Read this book. It is a testimony of Prof. Fomum’s inner walk with God. May the Lord visit you as you read it, and may you return to a fresh union with Him.

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