The Character And Personality of The Leader

The Character And Personality of The Leader


There are leaders who have lost their position before God and before man. Physically, they may still stand before man, but the leadership has moved hands. They are no longer God’s leaders. Some have moved aside even physically.

  • Have you been demoted within the years from spiritual leadership?
  • Are you going on today by virtue of the price which you paid in the past?
  • Is your packet input now regrettably small?
  • Do you accept responsibility for the present state of things?
  • Do you accept that you are the cause?

You cannot neglect that which raised you to leadership and expect to remain as the leader. You became the leader because you loved and sought God. You were constantly in His presence. You were loyal to the leadership above you. But those things are history now. You have lost the things that matter.

Would you choose the Lord anew today?

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