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The Power of The Holy Spirit In The Winning of The Lost to Christ

The Power of The Holy Spirit In The Winning of The Lost to Christ


Some books are misleading in their coverage and volume.  Others, although less voluminous, amaze everyone by their content.  This little volume will definitely amaze you by its content.

Professor Fomum wrote this book after more than 40 years of successful evangelistic ministry, leading individuals and multitudes to Christ.  In this book, he shows us the indispensability of the Holy Spirit, along with His power, in the winning of the lost to Christ.

The presence of the Holy Spirit is what produces the radical conversion of the lost to Christ in large numbers. His presence ensures and assures the preservation of the harvest. On the contrary, His absence produces a barren ministry of evangelism.

  • Do you want to be fruitful?
  • Do you want to lead the lost to Christ who abides until Jesus comes?

Buy this book at any cost, read it, and may the Lord bless you.

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