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The Lord intended that everyone who hears the gospel should ensure that someone else hears the same gospel. He intended that everyone who is led to the Lord Jesus should ensure that another person is led to the Lord Jesus. Through this process the Lord Jesus intended that the Church should fill the world with people who know the Lord Jesus personally and are dynamically related to Him.

The Lord Jesus intended that each believer should be linked personally to the Holy Spirit and to the power of the Holy Spirit. He intended that the christian life should be lived in the power of the Holy Spirit and that everything that the believer did should be done in the power of the Holy Spirit. The Lord meant that there would be something about the life of each believer and about the ministry of each believer in soul-winning that could only be understood on the grounds that the Lord stepped in miraculously. The Lord intended that this supernatural element, resulting from the presence and from the power of the Holy Spirit, should quicken and advance the winning of the lost to the Saviour and the building of His Body, which is the Church.

This power and presence was there in a mighty way at the beginning of the gospel, and rapid progress was made. However, something seems to have gone wrong somewhere. People were led to believe doctrines, creeds and philosophies, instead of being brought into life-union with the Lord. In addition, for most work of soul-winning both qualitatively and also quantitatively, it could rightly be asked, “Are we working in the power of the promised Holy Spirit?”

This book is an attempt to bring the people of God back to a soul-winning, that is, the bringing of the sinner into contact and union with the Saviour, and for evangelism that is again in the power of the Holy Spirit.

We send this book out with a cry that God should use it to open the eyes of some of His children, bring them to their knees and bring them to His power.

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