You, Your Team and Your Ministry

You, Your Team and Your Ministry


"… A leader cannot work alone. He needs a team; it is a man's team that determines the nature of his work. The ministry is connections."

We take these words from the author, Z.T.  Fomum, which maintain that we advance or frustrate God's purposes through our choices.  So, in choosing the members of a team, God is the Initiator and man must take his responsibility.  The leader must join forces with other valiant men or he is ruined.

From this perspective, there is a quality of life that God demands of the leader. He must be a role model and cannot afford to do anything with a divided heart. His

  • way of life, 
  • lifestyle and
  • the way he communicates

will determine whether or not he will have a team.

In a nutshell, in this book, the author gives a whole set of doctrinal tips necessary for the leader, his team and his ministry.

This is a dense and rich book, highly recommended.

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