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FAQs: Prof. ZT Fomum eBooks

Roots and destinyThere are several ways in which you can promote a book written by prof. Fomum, irrespective of the format (eBook, audiobook, printed copies, etc.).

If you have a copy of any book, simply pass it on (after reading, of course) to a friend, mate or colleague. On social media (e.g. facebook, twitter, etc. ) you can simply "like", repost or add a comment to a posted excerpt.

If you want to take a more active approach, then follow the basic steps below to promote any of the books outlined on the online catalogue in your network of friends and beyond:

1) Go to Our Online bookshop catalogue, where you will find a linked list of ALL prof. Fomum books, grouped under different series:

2) Click on any title (in the linked list, as exemplified in the image below) you wish to promote.  For illustration purposes, we will use Roots and destiny:

3) A new browser window will open (similar to images below) with the selected title and linked icons to the various online retailers on which the title features.

4) Copy the book link/address shown on the browser (in our example, it is https://books2read.com/Roots-And-Destinies, as shown in the image below) and then post it on your social network timeline, page, group or blog post, at will. This is the best way to go, because, anyone who will get the above link will then be redirected to specific book page on books2read.com, from where he/she can then select his preferred online retailer (and then proceed similar to steps 5 & 6 below).

5) You may also like to get/see the book on any retailer of your choice, say google books (as shown on image below). If you click the google book icon, you get the following page. If you make it your default/prefered store, then you will be automatically redirected to it when next you visit the previous page for a given book.

6) then you get the book page on the given retailer (google books in our example)

You can also buy a book online and let the retailer send it as a gift to someone

It's easy to read ebooks on your desktop or laptop computer.  For a higher-quality reading experience, download an e-reading application.  An e-reading application, also called an "e-reading app," is software designed for reading ebooks.  Several of the available ebook formats are easily read on a personal computer or tablet. How to read the most common formats:


  1. Download and install the free Adobe Digital Editions (for PCs and Laptops).
  2. For Apple iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch/Mac, download the free Apple iBooks app from the iTunes app store, or consider other great free apps such as Bluefire or FB Reader (all available in the Apple App store).
  3. For Android devices, download Aldiko, a free e-reading app.

MOBI (Kindle)

After you install one of the above apps, simply return to your Smashwords Library, click to the book you want to download, then click to download the appropriate file format.  Your web browser should ask you if you want to use the app to read immediately, or if you want to download the book to your computer (if you download to your computer, the Desktop is a good location to drop the file so you can find it).   Please note there are many third party e-reading software applications, and we cannot provide you support on how to install or use them.  Most have online help files.

Download the Aldiko app from the Google Play store.

Then use your web browser to navigate to the Smashwords (or any other retailer) store at www.smashwords.com,

then sign in to your Smashwords accout (or create a free account if you don't yet have an account), and

then after you purchase the book you'll find it in your Smashwords Library.

Go to the Apple App store and download the free iBooks app. Once installed, use the Safari browser from your device to navigate to Smashwords.com where you'll sign into your Smashwords account. After you purchase a book, click to your Library. Next, click to the book you want to read, then scroll down the book's book page to download your book as an .epub file. Your iOS (Apple) device will give you the option to open the book in the iBooks app. Click that. Voila! It'll open in your iBooks app. Alternatively, you can also try the free BlueFire reader, also in the App store. If you have other favorite e-reading apps installed, it may also give you the option to open the books in your other e-reading apps as well.

Almost every major retailer have our books, spread over all six continents. Fortunately, we need not keep count of them manually, as books2read.com give a beautiful alternation to know where all the books feature. 

Please visite our bookshop for details

You can send or receive Kindle books as gifts even if you do not own a Fire tablet or Kindle e-reader. Recipients can read a Kindle book gift on a supported Amazon device or Kindle reading app. Before you purchase a Kindle book as a gift, make sure that the recipient’s email address is valid.

Note: In order to gift a Kindle book title, you will need a valid 1-Click payment method for your account. You can set this up by going to Manage Your Content and Devices, selecting the Settings tab, and then clicking Edit Payment Method below Digital Payment Settings.

To purchase a Kindle book as a gift:

  1. From the Kindle Store, select the book you want to purchase as a gift.

    Note: Free books, books on pre-order, and subscriptions cannot be gifted at this time.

  2. On the product detail page, click the Give as a Gift button.
  3. Enter the personal email address of your gift recipient.
    Tip: If you are unsure of the email address for your recipient, you can select Email the gift to me before placing your order. This allows you to forward the gift email or print and personally deliver it to your recipient. The gift recipient can enter the Gift Claim Code from the email, after logging in to their Amazon account.
  4. Enter a delivery date and an optional gift message.
  5. Click Place your order to finish your gift purchase using your Amazon 1-Click payment method.

You can redeliver a Kindle book gift you've purchased by going to Your Digital Orders in Your Account. From the Order Summary page, click the Resend E-mail button.

If you don't have a credit/debit (visa, mastercard, etc.) that most of the online ebook retailers require and you need an eBook, keep calm! We are currently working on a walk-around solution. If you are in a country where mobile money is available, then follow the steps below.
  1. Go to the ZTF book catalogue on the bookstore
  2. Search for the title you need. For instance, you want the eBook "Meet the Liberator"
  3. Send the following WhatsApp message to +47 454 12 804:
    1. Name: your name (e.g. Matharina Agamanko)
    2. Country: your country (e.g. Cameroon, Nigeria, Benin, SA, etc.))
    3. eBook title: eBook titles (e.g. Meet the liberator)
    4. Quantity: number of copies of the said title (e.g. 1, 5, 10, 100, etc.)
  4. We will then get back to you (via WhatsApp message) on the price and how you may pay for the eBook(s)
  5. Upon receiving your payment, we will send you a download Voucher for that title, to be used on our partner platform, smashwords.com at checkout.
  6. Refer to how to redeem an eBook download voucher 

If you are in a city/town where we have a local bookshop (e.g. London, Bertoua, Yaounde, Douala, Luxembourg, Toulouse, Montreal, etc.), simply go there and you will be served
You can use a social media manager and to that, what comes first to my mine is hootsuite.
With a free account, you can connect up to 3 social media profile, say your facebook (timeline, page or group), twitter and/or pinterest
We are using it a lot and kindly follow these steps to get started (summarized here below).

Step 1: Create a Hootsuite account

  1. Open https://hootsuite.com and click Sign Up in the top-right corner.
  2. Click to select the plan type that fits your needs.
  3. Enter your information and follow the prompts as we walk you through connecting social networks, adding streams and sending messages.

Step 2: Add social networks

Connect your social profiles to publish and schedule content, and monitor engagement, all from your Hootsuite dashboard. You can manage up to three social networks with Hootsuite Free.

  1. In the Hootsuite dashboard, select Streams  from the launch menu.
  2. Click Add Social Network, select a social network from the list, click Connect and authorize your accounts to connect to the dashboard.

See Add social networks for more details.

Step 3: Set up tabs and streams

Now that you’ve added social networks to your dashboard, set up streams for each one for monitoring content. Each social network offers unique stream types. Use tabs to organize your streams into groups.

  1. Select Streams  from the launch menu.
  2. Click Add Tab  in the top-left corner, give it a name, and then press ENTER.
  3. Inside each tab, click Add Stream.
  4. Select a social network from the list on the left, and then select a profile from the drop-down list.
  5. Click the streams you want to add for that profile.

tip.png Use the Add a stream Helper to easily add streams. See Add tabs or Add streams for more details.

Step 4: Publish messages

Engage your audience and grow your following by regularly publishing messages. Save time by scheduling a single message to multiple social networks at once.

  1. Select the profiles that will post the message from the Social Profile Picker (top-left).
  2. Click Compose Message, enter your message in the compose box, and then click Send Now.

See Publish messages or Schedule messages for more details.

Step 5: Install apps

The Hootsuite App Directory is a library of free and premium (paid) third-party apps developed for the Hootsuite dashboard.

  1. Select App Directory App_Directory.png from the launch menu.
  2. Click Install App beside the app.
  3. Click Finish.

See Install Apps for more details.

Step 6: Download Hootlet

This free browser extension for Chrome lets you quickly share content to your social networks from anywhere on the web. Get it here. Learn more about using it here.

Step 7: Download Hootsuite mobile

Manage your social media on the go with the Hootsuite mobile apps for Android and iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch. These can be downloaded from your device's app store.

  1. Step One:  Make note of the coupon code that you have received and wish to redeem, then go to our online catalogue and locate the title for which the coupon has been issued. From the online catalogue, click on the book title and from the book page, select/click "smashwords" on the list of available online retailers/stores
  2. Step Two:  Once at Smashwords, click the “buy” button
  3. Step Three: Smashwords will now ask you to log in. Either log in at the main area of the screen or create a new log-in ID at the bottom section (see the red finger). Smashwords will ask for an e-mail address where they can send confirmations of your purchase, along with a radial button to confirm that you’re 18. (If you’re not, ask a parent for help.)
  4. Step Four: Enter the Coupon Code on the Shopping Cart screen. For purposes of this example, I’ve used “NB65N” which is the code for the current promotion for a free copy of “Making Spiritual Progress: Boxset of 4 volumes.” After that, click the “checkout” button to complete the process.
  5. (Note: The Smashwords screen sometimes skips to a welcome after you’ve signed up. If that’s the case, hit your browser’s “back” button until you’ve backtracked to “Step One.” Then, repeat the process. Since you’re already logged in, you’ll skip that part and land in the Shopping Cart.
  6. Step Five: Once you’ve completed the check-out process, a link will take you back to a page that looks very similar to the page you saw at Step One. There are two differences. The first is a small note stating that you now own the book. The second is a group of buttons that allow you to download the book in any of several electronic formats. Download the one that suits you and enjoy.
  7. If you’ve tried the above and still have questions, please feel free to use the Contact Form on this website to drop me a note.
  • It is an electronic version of a printed book which can be read on a computer or a specifically designed handheld device.
  • an ebook is a digital file for reading text on a digital device — a computer, tablet, or smart phone.
  • The PDF isn’t truly an ebook because it retains its format no matter the size of the screen that displays it. It will always be an accurate representation of the paper document that it represents 

Characteristics of an eBook

What a true ebook, then, does, is to present correctly formatted text and images no matter the size of the screen it’s being displayed on. In order to do this, ebooks get rid of the idea of a page; the text will format to flow properly, and when one screen is full, will flow to the next — that is, they are reflowable.

Images will resize (if the book has been properly designed) to the proportions of the screen. Ideally the book will be attractive and easy to read on any device — and because each software application for reading ebooks has some reader controls, some whose vision is no longer as strong as it once was can make it larger, while someone who doesn’t like some  fonts can have the book display in another font. And this can all be done without changing the ebook itself — the changes are simply user preferences within the app.

To give an idea of what I mean, here is a photo of the same book displayed on a number of different devices — just the ones that I happened to have on my desk:

Most ebook reader apps and devices use some variation on the ePub file format to display text and images properly. That includes:
  • Apple’s iBooks,
  • Barnes and Noble’s Nook,
  • Rakuten’s Kobo,
  • and many more — including all of the Kindles that Amazon is currently shipping
And the ePub file itself is nothing more than a self-contained package containing a group of HTML files, with its own set of styles for formatting and a navigation document (or two) for making sure everything gets displayed in the right order.
And that is what an ebook is: a website in a box.

ZTF eBooks are available on almost all major digital (retailing) bookstores available in the world such as Amazon/kindle, Apple/iBook, Kobo, Google Books, Barnes & Noble (Nook), etc. The Book Ministry of CMFI cultivates a strong relationship with all these retailers and endorses them as avenues to bring our books to the market. 

We are thrilled to present an up-to-date list of all Prof. Zacharias Tanee Fomum writings (and those in the making), grouped by series. Each link will take you to a list of major online retailer, from which you get/order the eBook, audiobook and/or Print copy (via Print-on-Demand - POD). Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information.

Your observation is correct!
Amazon requires exclusivity before you can put a book for free. This is unfortunate, since it limit expanded distribution.
If your preferred eBook retailer is amazon, then you can help us get the free books also FREE on amazon. Here is what to do:

  1. Visit the book page at Amazon
  2. Click the link under the "Product Details" box labeled, "tell us about a lower price."
  3. There, click the button beside "Website (Online)" and report that the book is available for free at another retailer.
  4. In that form, provide Amazon a direct hyperlink to one of the other retailers (e.g. Apple or B&N) where the same book is set FREE.  See the screen shot below.

FAQs: Prof. ZT Fomum AudioBooks

Audiobooks are the fastest growing segment in publishing and everyone within the industry is very bullish about the future of the format.  There are a number of new start-ups that are making waves and retailers are beginning to release that audiobooks are worth investing in.

The global audiobook industry is currently evaluated at 2.8 billion dollars and this is primarily due to the sheer amount of new titles that were produced in 2015. 43,000 new audiobooks were released this year, which is a slight increase from the 36,000 that came out in 2014 and a far cry from the 20,000 that were issued in 2013.

According to a recent report by the American Association of publishers downloaded audio had the highest growth in the first eight months of 2015. The number of audiobooks sold  increased 43.3% in August, compared to August 2014. This brings the year-to-date growth for this format to 37.8%, compared to the same timeframe in 2014.

Since the industry is generating so much revenue many companies that specialize in statistics are beginning to pay attention. For the first time audiobook and audiobook subscription services are being tracked by Nielsen StatShot.  20 publishers proclaimed that the subscription model for audiobooks are actually proving to be more lucrative than e-Books. Approximately 3.88 million audiobooks were downloaded in 2015 compared to the 2.47 million eBooks that were read.

An excerpt from Audiobook Trends and Statistics for 2016



As per March 2016, an increasing numberhe of Prof.  Zacharias T. Fomum's audiobooks are being published

An audio book is simply a digitally recorded version of the printed paper book being read out aloud by a narrator. The narrator may be the author, a professional narrator or an actor. Often the recording may use a cast of narrators supported and embellished by the use of special sound effects.

An unabridged audio book is one that was narrated word for word. In such an audio book, nothing was removed from the printed book. It has the exact content with that of the printed book, albeit in audio format.

You will find ZTF books in audio format from the following retailers

  1. amazon.com
  2. audible.com and 
  3. iTune store

Follow the direct links below for an updated list of all Z.T. Fomum audiobooks:

Over the last 12 months I’ve consumed a lot of audiobooks – an average of 2 a month. I still prefer reading books for learning, but I’ve realized that audiobooks are also great for that purpose and much more. If you aren’t sure if audiobooks are for you, here are seven reasons why you should start incorporating audiobooks into your life.

1. Preference

Some people prefer audio over text for learning and maybe you’re one of them. If you don’t like reading, experiment with audiobooks and see if this helps you with learning.

2. Better Retention

I haven’t found any conclusive evidence that reading is better than listening (I do know that reading is an ineffective way of processing information), but what I do know is that if you combine the two that you’ll get the best of both. Audiobooks are great to supplement previous knowledge to solidify information.

If you have read a book before and then listen to the audiobook version, you’ll retain and reinforce much more information. I’ve noticed this myself with a lot of books that I’ve read and reviewed in the past.

3. Faster Learning

One of the main advantages of audiobooks is that you can pace the information you consume. I like to play my audiobooks at 1.5x or 2x speed and it doesn’t affect my comprehension. If you want to go through a lot of information, this is a great way to do that.

4. Save Time

As much as we discourage multitasking, sometimes it can be useful and effective. Audiobooks are great for that. You can listen while you’re cleaning the house, folding clothes, shaving (yes I’m weird like that) or anything else that doesn’t require much focus.

It’s especially effective when you’re commuting. I used to listen to tons of Anthony Robbins audiobooks on my way to work and I learned a lot of things while I was stuck in traffic. Plus it was really uplifting and made me more engaged at work.

5. Uplifting

Speaking of, just like listening to good music can uplift your spirits – so can audiobooks.

Reading inspirational quotes and passages are great, but it doesn’t beat listening to a person that motivates you to do great things while you’re learning at the same time.

6. Effective

Some books are better to consume over audio than over text. I find that conceptual books and biographies are better off consumed over audio than text.

Books like Good to Great cover big concepts that are best consumed over audio. You don’t need to know the exact details of the research as long as you understand the major concepts. The same goes for biographies – I usually don’t care about where the person ate breakfast every Sunday or where he/she went to work, as long as I grasp the major events of that person’s life and grasp the sequences leading to major breakthroughs of that person.

On the flipside, I would avoid listen to audiobooks that cover a lot of detail and require you to take a lot of notes, e.g., books about neuroscience or how to books.

Once a while you’ll buy a book, read it and find yourself really bored reading it. Sometimes it’s hard to get through a “dry” book but I’ve found that usually they are great to listen to. If you ever find yourself in such a situation where you know the book content is great but it’s hard to read, grab the audiobook version and go from there.

7. Convenient

Audiobooks are really convenient. You can have them on your phone, iPod, computer and in the car. This makes the content accessible and you can easily continue where you left off from last time.

Whenever I’m reading a book, I need to find myself a quiet place and almost force myself to be fully present. With audiobooks I find it much easier to pick it up and start consuming – regardless of location, noise level or time of day. It’s just so convenient.

FAQs: Prof. ZT Fomum Books Print-on-Demand


An increasing number of ZT Fomum's titles are being made available for Print on Demand (POD). You can check the current status of the available titles here. This service is provided to us by amazon via its POD affiliate, createspace.com, as shown in the screenshot below

With createspace, Z.T. Fomum's Books will reach more readers for free. They will make our books available through Amazon.comAmazon Europe, our own eStoreKindle, and Expanded Distribution options.

Make ZT Fomum's books available to millions of customers on Amazon.com, as well as Amazon.ca. Customers ordering from Amazon.com can take advantage of FREE Super Saver Shipping, One-Day Shipping, 1-Click® ordering, and Amazon Prime® on eligible orders.
Amazon Europe
Broaden ZT Fomum's books availability on Amazon's European websites including Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.de, Amazon.es, Amazon.fr, Amazon.it. Customers ordering from Amazon's European websites can take advantage of Free Super Saver Shipping, One-Day Shipping, 1-Click® ordering, and Amazon Prime® on eligible orders.
CreateSpace eStore 
Sell ZT Fomum's books directly from our eStore.
eBook for Kindle
Make ZT Fomum's books available to more readers through Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP).

Expanded Distribution

These additional sales channels make ZT Fomum's books available for order to online retailers, bookstores, libraries, academic institutions, and distributors within the United States.
  • Bookstores and Online Retailers
  • Libraries and Academic Institutions
  • CreateSpace Direct

What is Expanded Distribution?

Expanded Distribution offers you the opportunity to access a larger audience through more online retailers, bookstores, libraries, academic institutions, and distributors within the United States. Expanded Distribution will also improve discoverability of your book across all the channels. Regardless of whether or not you include your title in Expanded Distribution, all CreateSpace titles can be distributed through the Amazon.com, Amazon Europe and eStore channels.

How does it work?

Most online retailers, bookstores, and libraries find books through purchasing relationships with large distributors. If your book is not listed with these distributors, some retailers may not be able to buy your book, even if a customer specifically requests your title. Through Expanded Distribution you can distribute and make your title available for order (this does not guarantee that your book will actually be ordered) through the following channels:

  • Bookstores and Online Retailers - make your book available to online and offline retailers such as Barnes & Noble and to distributors such as Ingram and NACSCORP.
  • Libraries and Academic Institutions - make your book available through Baker & Taylor to libraries and academic institutions.
  • CreateSpace Direct - make your book available to certified resellers through our wholesale website.

CreateSpace is always looking for ways to improve the distribution opportunities for our members so, from time to time, we may add or change the channels available through Expanded Distribution.


You earn the same royalty share for each book manufactured through the Expanded Distribution channels. These earnings are recorded in your sales reports as Expanded Distribution sales. Sales information may take up to six weeks from when a sale is made to appear in the sales reports.

* If you are enrolled in the Amazon.com, Amazon Europe (EU) and Expanded Distribution sales channels there may be rare occasions where Amazon.com and Amazon EU sources an order through an Expanded Distribution channel. In these cases you will be paid the royalty rate of 60% and not the lower rate of 40%. This royalty rate applies to orders originating on Amazon.com where Amazon.com LLC is the seller of record and on Amazon EU sites where Amazon EU Sàrl is the seller of record. This does not include items listed by a third-party reseller, or "Marketplace" seller on Amazon.com or Amazon EU. Royalties for orders placed on Amazon.com and Amazon EU that are fulfilled via Expanded Distribution can take up to six weeks to appear in your sales report.


It may take up to six weeks for your title to begin populating in the Expanded Distribution channels that you select. Additionally, changes to any details of your book including list price, selling information (such as your book's product description), or your book's files may take up to six weeks to update in all the Expanded Distribution channels. The Expanded Distribution channels don't update simultaneously, so your book's previous list price, selling information, or files will persist until the change propagates throughout these channels. Your book will still be available with the previous list price, selling information, and file information until the new changes propagate through the Expanded Distribution channels (approximately six weeks).


Books sold through the Expanded Distribution channels may be manufactured by third parties. There may be some minor differences in manufacturing (e.g. paper thickness, color shade, etc.) between the Expanded Distribution channels and other channels.

Besides lowering the unit cost of short run printing, Print On Demand allows the customer to keep fewer copies of its books, catalogs, manuals or other printed items in stock, thus reducing storage space and handling costs.  And because the customer’s inventory levels can be kept low, Print On Demand helps reduce the chance of being stuck with printing that has become obsolete. With Print On Demand, you only order items as you need them.

Prof. Fomum has authored more than 100 titles and we can no longer cope with the production of all these titles using traditional book production procedure. As such, print on demand comes in handy to meet the ever growing demand of our books

With POD, ZTF books will be produced to meet demand, so all the title will always be in stock. There are no upfront costs and no need to carry inventory

Print On Demand refers to a printer’s ability to produce books or other documents for a customer on an “as needed” basis. The key to Print On Demand is that the production runs are relatively short.

FAQs: Prof. ZT Fomum Books - Local Distribution Points

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