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Thirty-six Reasons For Winning The Lost

Thirty-six Reasons For Winning The Lost


The cheapest source of wisdom is soul winning!

In this book, you will find 36 decisive reasons for winning the lost to Christ. In the first series of reasons for winning the lost, you will find that it is necessary to win the lost to Christ because:

  1. The gospel is the power of God,
  2. He who wins souls is wise.
  3. The Lord commanded that all believers should continually labour to win souls to Christ.
  4. Jesus came to earth for this purpose. We were saved to serve.

With these and over 32 other reasons, we must save ourselves from the guilt of the blood of sinners.

Plunge into the book and read carefully through to be convinced and convicted to rush out there where sinners are, in order to bring them to Christ and into His kingdom.

Come with Professor Fomum and share these truths about winning the lost and, by the grace of God, you will be blessed.

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