Prayer And The Walk With God

Prayer And The Walk With God


These messages are the outcome of ministry in India in August-September 1999. They are also the outcome of a charge from God and a critical encounter with Brother Varada Raj.

The Lord told me to reach on prayer and to reach not only small groups as I had previously done but also to reach multitudes. I met Varada Raj for a few days in some of the meetings in which I ministered in India in 1998. After that encounter, He gave himself totally to plan, organise and mobilise the meetings in Tamil Nadu State, UAE AND Kuwait.

Never have we prepared so seriously for an event as we did for the trip and ministry in India. Unusual prayer and fasting was invested by the churches associated with us in Cameroon and by many of my helpers and co-workers. And inspire of the Enemy’s opposition the trip and ministry was made possible.

We were burdened to stir the Believers and the churches in India to prayer. The prayerlessness of many Leaders, the ignorance of many Believers and the impotence of the church in India burdened us. We were disturbed by the poor impact of Christian witness after 2000 years in India inspire of the sacrificial and faithful witness of many missionaries and India leaders.

We are convinced that prayer is the missing though critical weapon for impact for Jesus Christ in India. We want to stir leaders to pray and teach others to pray.

We long to see many schools of prayer and an Indiana university of prayer where men and women who are eager to learn to pray can be taught by men and women who themselves pray. This will herald and usher in a new day in India and other nation. We want to catalyse a prayer movement in the nation that will advance the interests of our lord and saviour Jesus Christ.

In some cities, 25000 people gathered to be taught for four day, 5000, in others and 3000 in others the prayer schools were attended by the audience Christian leaders and involved teaching and prayer response by the audience for long hours or days on retreat. And God was present. In one night more than an estimated 5000 people responded to the gospel preached. Many sick were healed and some set free from demons. We expect greater things from the Lord.

We are on the verge of a great revival, a mighty move of God in all the World and nations. New vistas and unparalleled opportunities beckon ahead. We must co-operate with God by prayer and moving others to pray. We pray and send forth this book to stir and move men, women, individual believers, leaders, churches to prayer on a large and intelligent manner. The His name will be sanctified, His kingdom will come and His will will be done on earth AS IT IS DONE IN HEAVEN. Glory be unto His name. Amen.

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