Moving on With The Lord Jesus

God’s testimony about the believer is often opposed to what man thinks of himself.However, it is God’s verdict that is true. Z.T. Fomum, through this book, aims to lead eachbeliever to realise what he is, what God says about him in order to put all his potentialitiesat the service of the gospel, in view of the winning of souls. This book can be a realstimulus to rise to the heights with God and move forward with Him.



Are you ready to take your faith to new heights with God?

This book will provide the stimulus you need to do just that. In it, you’ll discover the truth about who you are according to God’s testimony, rather than your own perceptions. By learning what God says about you, you’ll be equipped to harness your full potential and serve the gospel with the goal of saving perishing souls.

This book is a powerful catalyst that will help you move forward with the Lord Jesus and achieve daring and glaring heights in your faith.

Don’t miss out on this must-read opportunity to transform your life.

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