Leading a Local Church

Leading a Local Church


This book “Leading a Local Church” is a compilation of the teaching of Professor Zacharias Tanee Fomum addressed to the saints in Yaoundé, Cameroon during a leadership training course.

The book presents what it takes to lead a local church and what leadership is. The author explains the critical place of having a goal geared towards the saving of the lost in the building of a local church.

The method for the accomplishment of the goal is the making of disciples. When a shepherd leaves the flock just for a day in pursuit of gain, he has put a knife into his heart and things will never be the same afterward. A shepherd who loves the world has lost God has lost the vision and has betrayed the sheep. According to the author, the spiritual gift of leadership is the unusual ability to produce other leaders. The leader is the one who takes risks and breaks new grounds. Leadership is a call to provide a model.

We recommend this book to you while praying that the Lord will use it to make of you a leader who has put on God enough to be able to lead a local church and raise others of his kind.

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