Brokenness: The Secret Of Spiritual Overflow

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God’s purpose in the new creation is to produce spiritually mature people, quickly attainingthe stature of broken men or women. God does this through the cross to break and destroy thenatural man, and through the work of the Holy Spirit, to build up the character of Christ within thebeliever. Brokenness, therefore, depends on the degree to which someone has given the crossand the Holy Spirit the opportunity to work in them. Read this book. You will be challenged. Itwill help you make progress on the road to brokenness, to the point where you will soon be ableto confess with the apostle Paul: “If I live, it is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me.

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This book is about brokenness. The author presents the natural man whom he opposes to the converted man. Usually, believers encounter serious problems after conversion due to lack of brokenness.

How do you know that such and such a person is broken or not? Through a study of Jacob’s spiritual journey, Z.T. Fomum shows us the marks of the unbroken life as well as those of the broken life, the fundamental factors for experiencing a life of brokenness so as to experience separation from possessions and self.

When a broken man ministers, he ministers from an overflow, a total gift of himself, and a victory over selfishness and its corollaries.

Before Jacob was broken, he could only raise one altar to God. After he was broken, he flowed freely to God.

In reality, brokenness is the secret of spiritual overflow. It is for this reason that this book which tells you about brokenness is highly indispensable.

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