The Believer’s Conscience

Practical Helps in Sanctification

From a detailed explanation of each state of consciousness, Professor Fomumdemonstrates that the Lord has gone to great lengths to ensure that every believer has aconsciousness that functions at the highest possible level. His prayer is that each personmay enter into the health of God’s conscience and become all that God wants them tobecome in their relationship with Him

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The state of the conscience, faith, and the Spirit-filled life are related. Sin, disobedience, hardening of heart and impurity destroy the good conscience and produce a defiled conscience.

When the conscience is defiled, faith cannot be born. Lack of repentance, and a hardened heart produce a seared and dead conscience to the point where, when God speaks, you no longer feel anything.

This book by Professor Fomum is a description of the state of man’s conscience. His burden is to get every believer to cooperate with God to have a clear conscience before God and before man. A strong and clear conscience speaks of the possibility of letting in the light of God, for the strong conscience is full of the Holy Spirit.

From a detailed explanation of each state of conscience, Professor Fomum demonstrates that the Lord has done everything possible to make sure that every believer has a conscience that is functioning at the highest possible level.

His prayer is that everyone should step into the health of God for their conscience and become whatever God wants them to become in their relationship with Him.

May you read this book in order to accomplish all that He has asked you to do for His everlasting purposes.

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