The Leader And His God

Leading God's people

A leader is one who gives Jesus to people. The Jesus you can give to people is theJesus you have put on; it is the Jesus in you. In this book, the author invites all Christianleaders to seek God, find God and know God because if they do not have God, theycannot exercise spiritual leadership. Dear reader, we recommend this book to you whilepraying that the Lord will use it to make you a leader who has put on God and gives Godto the people.

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This book is an expository study on spiritual leadership.

The author, Z.T. Fomum, taught extensively on leadership—training thousands of spiritual leaders across the world—being himself the leader of a growing missionary movement currently established in over 140 countries.

The content of the book is not theological discussions, but words from a heart to hearts. Several leaders have become experts in the presence of men in the guise of the ministry they render. But God’s plan was that the leader be His companion—a man of His presence. The Lord Jesus established leaders first to be with HIM and then serve Him from a position of overflow. The entire life and ministry of the leader depend on it.

The author elaborates on two schools of leadership—the home and the workplace—where one is moulded to provide the model of a God-approved heart for others to imitate.

This book will not leave you indifferent. Read it and may God transform you into a leader in His presence.

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