A Missionary Heart and a Missionary Life

Leading God's people

Our aspiration in this book is to bring God’s people back to God’s original purpose:Mission. A mission-oriented heart, a mission-centred life must be seen, judged, andevaluated from God’s perspective; for God is at the heart of mission. Our God has theburden of mission on His heart; and from Him flows the ability to live a mission-centredlife.

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Professor Zacharias Tanee Fomum, through this book, communicates his burden of bringing the people of God back to the missionary purposes of God.

The heart of the missionary and the life of the missionary find their origin, basis, and model in the Heart of God. He is a missionary God. The heart of the missionary and the life of the missionary are to be judged, seen, and appreciated by the way God judges, sees, and appreciates them.

God wants to produce

  • people who see the world as He sees it,
  • people who continually live under the constraint of God’s missionary needs,
  • people who dream of God’s mission fields every night and work there every day to make sure that the missionary purposes of God are fulfilled.

The Purpose of this Book is for many to go out as missionaries with correct hearts and correct lives, equipped for permanent and productive work.

This book is highly recommended to all believers.

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