Celebrity: A Mask

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Based on the example of General Naaman who concealed his leprosy, the author pointsout that most people wear masks that they want to conceal at the expense of theirsalvation.This book is a passionate dissection of the double life of a leading statesman. The bookprovides the antidote to all masks. Ultimately, everyone with a mask should discover it,come to terms with reality, and seek much-needed help and deliverance.

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Naaman is a hardworking loyal general of the royal army of Assyria who rose to prominence and won the admiration and respect of both his subordinates and officers above him. His military prowess and achiMoney, fame, honour, and women were at his beck and call.

For the common man, Naaman is an example of all that a person would wish for—having attained the pinnacle of success and possessing all that one could desire. Unfortunately, all this seeming celebrity of Naaman was a mask and no one knows it!

A mask is a covering that a person wears for all or part of the face to disguise, deceive, cloud reality, or conceal one’s true identity so that people may not know who the person truly is.

What was general Naaman covering up?

Celebrity: A Mask is a passionate dissection of the double life of a top-ranking statesman. The book provides the antidote to any and every mask. Eventually, everyone with a mask would have to uncover it, come to terms with reality, and seek the indispensable help and deliverance.

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