Divorce And Remarriage?

God, Sex, and You
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I recently spent one month in one of the leading countries of the world whose population is said to be twenty-five percent Christians. Yes, the claim is that one out of every four people is born again.

I was also told that the divorce rate was sky-rocketing. One minister even told me that the divorce rate among believers was just as high as the one among the unsaved.

I was told that leading ministers of the gospel were divorcing their wives and marrying other women while continuing to have the blessings of God on their big ministries.

This set me thinking!

  • Were they using a Bible that was different from the one I was using?
  • Were we in different religions?

I began to think seriously on the subject. I read and re-read the Scriptures.

You will find in the following pages the fruit of my study.

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