The Complete Works of Zacharias Tanee Fomum on Marriage

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In this book we have given you reasons why you must win the lost. May the Holy Spirit set your heart on fire as you read the book, so that you will take no rest but give yourself wholeheartedly to the supreme task of winning the lost.


The Complete Works of Zacharias Tanee Fomum on Marriage” contains the following books:

  1. Enjoying the Premarital Life
  2. Enjoying the Choice of Your Marriage Partner
  3. Enjoying the Married Life
  4. A Successful Marriage: The Husband’s Making
  5. A Successful Marriage: The Wife’s Making
  6. Divorce and Remarriage
  7. Revolutionary Thoughts of Marriage
  8. Freedom from the Sin of Adultery and Fornication

Life is meant to be enjoyed at every stage – premarital and marital. Marriage itself is meant by God to be heaven on earth. What you do before marriage determines whether your marriage will be heaven on earth or hell on earth. Someone has said that before marriage, your private parts are for urinating. It is only after marriage that they take the additional functions of facilitating sexual pleasure and reproduction.

Watch out! The person you choose or accept as a marriage partner may make or mar God’s call on your life, build or bastardise your life and make you better or bitter in life. The choice is yours. Do not get married without having established your God-given goal, started pursuing it with rigour and vigour, and being desperately in need of a helper fit to help you in the accomplishment of that goal.

The choice is also yours to make your marriage heaven on earth or hell on earth. If you and your partner make God an integral and indispensable part of your union, it will stand firm and free like a three-legged chair. If you remove God from it through unbelief, backsliding and lack of consecration, you make it a two-legged chair that cannot stand.

A successful marriage is the making of both the husband and the wife. The husband makes it succeed by being unconditionally loving, responsible and protective of his wife. The wife, on her own part, makes it succeed by being unconditionally submissive, respectful and pleasing to her husband.

When these simple principles are violated repeatedly over a sustained period of time, dissatisfaction and discontentment set in. These may lead to adultery, sexual perversion, divorce and many other terrible things. This volume shows you step by step how to prepare for marriage, marry, enjoy the married life and avoid the ambushes of marriage.

It buttresses all these principles with sound testimonies of how things have worked out in the lives and marriages of many born-again people worldwide. Examples abound in this volume of how some peoples’ marriages are heaven on earth while others’ marriages are hell on earth. It’s all a matter of price paid and obedience to the Lord in His demands on one’s life.

We send this first volume on marriage out with a cry to the Lord that, He should use it to produce stable marriages, stable homes, stable families and so stable churches in this perverse generation.

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