The Secret of Spiritual Rest

Leading God's people

“We are in a world without rest. Many people are outwardly restless. Few are outwardlycalm, seemingly at peace; but most people know a war within”.These are the words of the author that justify his burden to write this book in order tosatisfy God’s need to produce, through the work of the cross and the work of the HolySpirit, people who are at rest, regardless of their circumstances, who they are, and wherethey are.

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Discover the secret to true spiritual rest in “The Secret of Spiritual Rest” audiobook.

Written by Zacharias Tanee Fomum, this book delves into the life of Isaac, a Bible character who exemplified the journey towards dying to personal glory and finding peace in Christ. With practical insights and spiritual wisdom, this audiobook will guide you to experience the deep rest that comes from fully surrendering to the work of the cross and the Holy Spirit.

Whether you’re struggling with inner turmoil or simply looking for a deeper connection to your faith, this audiobook will empower you to find peace in any circumstance and serve the Lord with a peaceful heart.

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