Spiritual Aggressiveness

Spiritual Aggressiveness


Burdened with the need for competent and aggressive workers in the field for a growing work, Professor Zacharias Tanee Fomum gave these talks on SPIRITUAL AGGRESSIVENESS to about 250 leaders from eight nations, during a leadership training course.

This course, which was on “Spiritual Leadership in the Pattern of Joshua”, took place in Lagos, Nigeria, during a period of five days from Wednesday 14th to Sunday 18th August 1996.
In this book, Professor Fomum covers topics like:

  • Greatness through might in character and might in deeds
  • Breaking new barriers with total violence
  • Marriage to hard work
  • Team work
  • Radical holiness for spiritual service
  • Aggressive servanthood
  • Bleeding pursuit of God
  • and many others.

The messages are written just as they were spoken, having been compiled from notes taken during the course, with very limited editing by the author. They have maintained their freshness and sharpness.
Contributions from various workers from the field make this book a very practical book on missions.
Read it. You will be blessed.

You will be challenged to become the type of leader that is needed for the Lord’s flock on the eve of His imminent return

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