In The Crucible For Service

Leading God's people

Every Christian who has believed in and received Christ is a living stone in the buildingthat is the body of Christ. Each of these stones is assigned to a specific task. It is thereforenecessary to cooperate with the Lord in order to be rid of all impurities and to remove thehindrances that could obstruct this calling.This book responds to this need of God to make every saint understand that there is anecessary preparation to enter the service of God and that each one must cooperate withGod the Father, Son and Holy Spirit in order to accept the treatment he or she receives.

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In the Crucible for Service is a thought-provoking book by Professor Zacharias Tanee Fomum that explores the preparation and qualifications necessary for serving God. Using examples from the lives of biblical figures such as Joseph, Moses, David, and Jesus, the author emphasizes the importance of serving others before entering into God’s service.

The book argues that ministry is not only the result of the Holy Spirit’s work but also of anointing and that those who wish to serve God must have a sense of destiny and be careful and deliberate in everything they do. The author encourages readers to abandon sin, self-love, and the love of the world in order to be competent ministers in God’s service.

In the Crucible for Service is a must-read for anyone seeking to enter into God’s service and make a meaningful impact for His kingdom. We pray that the Lord will use this book to prepare and equip you for His service.

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