The Complete Works of Zacharias Tanee Fomum on Leadership (Volume 4)

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In this book we have given you reasons why you must win the lost. May the Holy Spirit set your heart on fire as you read the book, so that you will take no rest but give yourself wholeheartedly to the supreme task of winning the lost.

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The Complete Works of Zacharias Tanee Fomum on Leadership (Volume 4) contains the following books:

  1. Laws of Spiritual Leadership
  2. The Ministers and Ministry of the New Covenant
  3. You, Your Team and Your Ministry
  4. Leading a Local Church, (Volume 1)
  5. Making Spiritual Progress, (Volume 2)

Spiritual leadership does not happen by accident. It is not a haphazard thing. There is a science behind spiritual leadership. Travel with the author through this systematic science outlined in the laws of spiritual leadership.

While following this sweet science of leadership, do not forget to take care of the horse that is drawing the cart. If the cart is taken so much care of and none is given to the horse, the horse may get sick and die, and the cart will no longer be drawn, and the journey will stall.

The leader must take care of his body to keep it fit for service. The apostle Paul says, “For physical training is of some value…” (1 Timothy 4:8a). He must take care of his soul, spirit and heart to keep them in Christ (Philippians 4:7).

The author tacitly brings into the equation how to lead a local church. When the Good Samaritan offered first aid to the man who was attacked and severely wounded by armed robbers on the highway from Jerusalem to Jericho, he did not leave him there. He took him to an inn where they took proper care of him over a long period of time.

The local church is the best place where to keep your people safe as you lead them toward destiny. It is the surest and most secure place on planet Earth where to retain the people as you lead them into God’s purposes. Why? Rage as they may, the gates of hell cannot, and can never, overcome the church (Matthew 16:18).

We send this fourth volume on leadership out with a cry to the Lord that He should use it to build many into leaders of His people capable of leading them into the totality of His purposes in this generation and beyond.

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