The Complete Works of Zacharias Tanee Fomum on the Gospel Message

Complete Works
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The Complete Works of Zacharias Tanee Fomum on the Gospel Message” contains the following books:

  1. God’s Love and Forgiveness
  2. The Way of Life
  3. The Seed, the Sower and the Hearts of Men
  4. Celebrity: A Mask
  5. Come Back Home, My Son: I Still Love You
  6. Come and See, Jesus Has not Changed
  7. Encounter the Saviour
  8. Meet the Liberator
  9. Jesus Loves You and Wants to Heal You
  10. Jesus Saves and Heals Today

There is no good news like the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And every believer in Christ has been commanded to go all over the world and tell everyone that Jesus died for them. On the contrary, do the right and shun the wrong is what every world religion teaches. It is easier said than done. Everyone who has tried to follow this advice finds himself powerless before the law of sin. Sin is stronger than man.

That is why God gave us a Saviour who came and died ignominiously on the cross of Calvary to save us from sin and its consequences. Because of the shedding of His precious blood, the forgiveness of sins and holiness have become available to all mankind. Why should anyone die and roast in hell when Christ has died to bar the way to hell for the one who repents of his sins, receives Jesus as Saviour and believes in His name? Why should anyone languish in their diseases and sicknesses when such a sacrifice has already been offered? For by His wounds, we have been healed (1 Peter 2:24).

Why should anyone continue in demonic oppression when He came to set the captives free through His death on the cross? Why should anyone remain in their curses when He became a curse that we might become a blessing? He became poor so that we might become rich with His riches. Why should anyone be without blessings when all the blessings in the heavenly realms have been given to the believer in Him?

Many testimonies punctuate this volume of how the Lord has wrought a complete salvation in the lives of so many people around the world. Jesus Christ, the Saviour, the Redeemer, the Healer, the Deliverer, and the Liberator is still at work today, doing His work as He did it in Bible times.

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