The Complete Works of Zacharias Tanee Fomum on Prayer (Volume 4)

Complete Works
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The Complete Works of Zacharias Tanee Fomum on Prayer (Volume 4) contains the following books:

  1. Revolutionary Thoughts on Prayer (Volume 3)
  2. Women of the Glory (Volume 1)
  3. The Centrality of Prayer
  4. Revolutionary Thoughts on fasting
  5. From His Prayer Files

Life Changing Thoughts on Prayer” (Revolutionary Thoughts on Prayer) will produce a revolution in your life concerning your personal prayer vision. It will bring you to see the inadequacy of your perception of prayer. It will push you to want to know and to experience prayer with the author as He travels with Christ around the world in the School and Ministry of Prayer.

Women of the glory, such as, in this case, Anna the prophetess, come into the scene to demonstrate that you cannot love the Lord deeply and not be a person of prayer. The place of prayer is the place where the deepest love for the Lord is expressed. A lover who does not live a life of deep and desperate prayer is not a lover, but a liar. A lover who does not habitually go away from the din and dance of the world to commune with his Lord in prayer is not a lover, but a theoretician.

The centrality of prayer cannot be overemphasised. Every work of God that is started, continued and perpetuated without prayer may end up being a work of the enemy. Prayer must be at the centre of every work of God that will endure.

That work is begun in prayer, continued in prayer, sustained in prayer and finished to completion in prayer. While prayer is central to the accomplishment of God’s purposes, fasting is an acute weapon that the enemy dreads the most.

An empty stomach in the presence of God gnaws, paws and gores the enemy terribly. It moves God and the hosts of heaven to siege the enemy, dismantle his setups, confound his counsel and release captives from their hands.

In this volume, you will travel through time with the author in his prayer life. You will experience the daily prayer habits that have been cultivated with time.

We send this fourth prayer volume out with a cry to the Lord that He should use it to lead the saints into practical praying and fasting, and that prayer should, long at last, take its central position in the life, affairs and destiny of every believer in Christ.

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