The Complete Works of Zacharias Tanee Fomum on Prayer (Volume 1)

Complete Works
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The Complete Works of Zacharias Tanee Fomum on Prayer (Volume 1) contains the following books:

  1. Retreats for Spiritual Progress
  2. The Way of Victorious Praying
  3. Praying with Power
  4. The Ministry of fasting
  5. The Ministry of Praise and Thanksgiving

A rousing revolution in the ABC and dynamics of prayer, fasting and retreats for spiritual progress, this first volume presses the button and sets into motion the series of steps that lead anyone who calls on the name of the Lord, to cry to Him systematically and systemically in an intelligible and intelligent way daily.

The books are cohesive and coherent, full of heart-to-heart exchanges between the author, his God and the reader. By reading through them intently, you can build a loving relationship with the Lord. He is looking for true worshippers and those who worship Him must do so in spirit and in truth (John 4:20-24). You can withdraw constantly, consistently and conspicuously everyday on short and long retreats for spiritual progress in order to pray, read the Word of God, read books on the faith, meet God in Daily Dynamic Encounters with Him and just relieve, relish, cherish and flourish in His presence.

Retreats for Spiritual Progress” demystifies retreats and makes them a possible, probable and practical daily reality. You can have four or more retreats for spiritual progress everyday without fail of just fifteen minutes each. You can have a 5-month retreat in seclusion like Elizabeth, mother of John the Baptist (Luke 1:24). It could be 40 days like those of Moses, Elijah and the Lord Jesus Christ.

By diligently and earnestly going through this volume, you may resolve to become a person constantly in the presence of the Lord, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.

The Way of Victorious Praying” details the ABCs of prayer and fasting and provides practical direction as to how to pray for yourself, your leaders, the saints, the church, the ministry, the work, church planting and many more. It shows you how to pray daily, record your prayer points in a notebook, fill it up when the prayers are answered and have convincing proof to show both friend and foe that we have a God who answers prayer.

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